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Friday, March 28th

06:30 PM VIP Dinner. Want to join in? Purchase a VIP ticket and come along.
09:00 PM+ Community Next with a Twiist FREE open bar pre-party for all Community Next attendees hosted by Twiistup at Air Conditioned Supper Club.

Saturday, March 29th

9:00 AM Check-in and Morning eats @ Level 3 of West Hollywood
9:45 AM “Welcome”
(Noah Kagan)
10:00 AM Keynote:
Josh Berman of Slingshot Labs and Myspace
10:30 AM “Entertainment Online: Now You Control the Remote”
(Charles Hudson of Gaia, Amy Raymond of Disney-ABC Family, and Chris Gunn of Endemol USA; moderated by Noah Kagan)
11:00 AM “Case Study: Interaction Seduction”
(Aza Raskin of Songza)
11:30 AM “Case Study: Staying in touch with Geni”
(David O Sacks of Geni)
12:00 PM “Sponsor Love”
12:10 PM “An Exquisitely Delicious Lunch”
1:10 PM “Sponsor Love”
1:20 PM “Mobile: The Next Big Thing”
(Mike Ghaffary of Stitcher, Mark Deetjen of Vivavision, May Woo of SayNow, and Jason Ling, of Myspace)
1:45 PM “Music/Radio: Music Now-Getting Music Whenever, Wherever”
(Jeremy Welt of Warner Bros Records, Tom Conrad of Pandora, and Anthony Volodkin of The Hype Machine, )
2:15 PM “Video: Users=Content?”
( Keith Richman of Break, Smith Forte of Current TV and Rami Bitar of YouTube; moderated by David Brooks of Fox Atomic Online)
2:45 PM “Blogs: What Are They Good For?”
(Robert Scoble of and Pete Cashmore of Mashable)
3:15 PM “Sponsor Love”
3:25 PM “Print: Are Newspapers Becoming Extinct?”
(Alexis Ohanian of Reddit, Paul Cloutier of 8020 Publishing, Veronica Belmont of Mahalo Daily, and Brian Sugar of Sugar Inc.; moderated by Patricia Handschiegel of StyleDiary)
4:00 PM “Advertising: How Are We Going to Make Money?”
(Scott Rafer of Lookery and Heather Luttrell of Indieclick)
4:30 PM “Communities: Where Is Everyone Hanging Out?”
(Otis Chandler of Goodreads, Ted Rheingold of Dogster, Martin Green of Meebo,and Chip Ross of Playboy U; moderated by Kareem Mayan)
5:00 PM “Wrap Up and Post-Conference Dinner @ Level 3”
7:00-10:00 PM The Party Continues with MashMeet LA 2.0 hosted by Mashable at Seven